Western Australia

New Years Geraldton and Horrocks

For the new years break we headed to Geraldton and Horrocks north of Perth. New years itself we were in Horrocks relaxing at a friend’s beach shack which was great. It was blowing a gale most of the time so despite it being the middle of summer it was quite chilly. Sharni brought no warm clothes so can be seen sporting my favourite fishing beanie (which she hates). We took a drive out of Horrocks to the Bowes River mouth to check it out then on the way back tried looking for the aboriginal rock art at Willgully Caves. Couldn’t find anything apart from some extremely faint stick figures. Took us longer than expected whilst we scampered around the caves trying to find the art – we were hoping to get back to Horrocks to watch the New Years home made yacht race but we only caught the aftermath.

Back in Geraldton we hung out with Uncle Mick and the rest of Sharni’s family. Uncle Mick has a large property just out of town in Moonyoonooka. It was interesting checking out his property and looking at the animals and wrecked vehicles and tractors.

On the way home we took the standard photo of the Greenough leaning tree. Proof that it really does get windy up there.

Thanks to Tegan and Liz for letting us stay at their homes in Geraldton and Horrocks!


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