Western Australia

Leschenault Penisular Beach Camp

Ol’ mate hongo, of BFC fame, joined me for a quick camp down at Leschenault Peninsular on Belvidere Beach. Having hit up spots north of Perth so many times over the years, we thought we’d try somewhere we haven’t been before. It’s a great beach – deep, clean, hardly any weed and protected by the rocky groin that forms the Leschenault Inlet cut at the southern limit of the beach. There’s lots of small fish around – we caught some small herring and tailor but nothing worth writing home about. A few tailor were just legal size so we promptly cooked them in Hong’s fish smoker.

The area is renowned for dolphins and we saw a butt load of them around the joint. Some came so close to shore we thought they might beach themselves. Then we would have heroically rescued them. Unfortunately got no photos of the dolphins.

It was pretty cool at night so we constructed a sand shelter. It is a wind break and heat trap for comfortable night fishing. It was hard work escavating a few metric tonnes of sand by hand but was worth the effort. Thanks to Nathan for lending us the wood that his house used to be made of for firewood!

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