Western Australia

King Edward River and Kalumburu

King Edward River camping area is close to the intersection of Kalumburu Road and Mitchell Falls Road. There’s some well preserved aboriginal rock art in the area which we checked out. It’s a top spot for swimming, with a long, clear, sandy bottomed pool with nice easy entry / exit. The water temp is pretty good too. We stopped by for a swim when we passed on our way back from Mitchell Falls / Port Warrender. Then we stayed again on our return from Kalumburu. We couldn’t resist more bone jarring corrugations so we trekked all the way up to northernmost community in Western Australia.

Kalumburu is a nice town. It’s neat and clean, the locals are friendly and lots of nice kids abound in the afternoons playing sport and stuff. The camping area at the mission is pretty good too – shady, clean and grassy. We stayed there for a couple of nights and then headed up towards Honeymoon Bay, exploring a few of the fishing spots and side tracks along the way. We stayed one night by some old shack where I caught another cod and also found some nice bush tucker. It’s a terminalia species, I think terminalia cunninghamii, common name pindan walnut. Tastes like almond.

We passed through McGowan Island camping area then proceeded to Honeymoon Bay for a couple of nights stay. I caught another cod! That’s 4 cod in 3 fishing sessions, prior to which I had never caught cod. My speciality species used to be catfish but now I’m specialising in much more delicious cod. We got to share in some oysters too thanks to our friendly neighbours.

Honeymoon Bay is a good fishing spot. There’s a lot of activity at the right time of day, with fish feeding everywhere. I got several strikes and a couple of hookups that failed to land and would have loved to try another afternoon fishing session. However the powerhouse performance by the midges meant that Sharni ordered a prompt departure.

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