Western Australia

Gibb River Road Gorges

The Gibb River Road gorge action ramps up heading west from the Kalumburu turnoff. We visited Barnett Gorge, Manning Gorge, Adcock Gorge, Galvin Gorge and Bell Gorge. They’re all unique and the walks in and out all have their own interesting features. Visiting all of them is worth it if you got the time, otherwise visit any of them, they’re all great.

We struck it rich with a nice haulage of a few different bush tuckers. We got gubinge (terminalia ferdinandiana), the worlds richest source of vitamin C. We found some other similar looking terminalia, I’m not 100% sure of the species, but I suffered no ill effects from eating it. I reckon it might be terminalia carpentariae.

gubinge fruit terminalia ferdinandiana and carpentariae

Gubinge (left) tastes acidic, slightly sweet, with a hint of fruit flavour like plum or something. The other ones tasted similar but less juicy, more fibrous.

gibb river terminalia ferdinandiana gubinge

On the walk into Adcock Gorge there’s heaps of dogs nut. Also called dysentery bush, technical name grewia retusifolia. Fortunately the common name is due to the appearance and not the taste. It tastes a bit like cooked apple.

Grewia retusifolia dogs nut Dysentery Bush tuckerdogs nut Grewia retusifolia fruit

gibb river native kapok flower

Kapok trees were in bloom during our cross of the Gibb River Road. The petals are edible. They don’t have much flavour but have an interesting crispy texture.

Driving out of Bell Gorge I noticed a funny knocking / grinding sensation coming from the hilux. And I had to keep the steering wheel slightly off centre to drive straight. What could it be? Are we about to become yet another victim of the Gibb River Road?

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