South Coast Chapter closed – reflections of a fisherman

Fish Count: 21 (under sized fish excluded)
Rigs lost: 1

As we depart the coast I can’t help but reflect on the last two months of fishing. As you can see from my rigs lost count I haven’t done a huge amount of fishing. The first month was plagued by over cast and rainy conditions. The surf beaches were inundated with seaweed and the calmer areas were overrun with small herring. Even so I am very satisfied with the results especially the salmon & mulloway, two components of the prized Australian Holy Fishing Trinity. Packing up my rod for the last time after my 7 squid haul off Denial Bay jetty I had mixed feelings of both happiness from what I have been able to achieve and sadness from knowing I won’t be fishing these southern waters for a long time. Listed below is the break down of my catch.

Herring 4
Mullet 1
Salmon 2
Mulloway 2
Crab 1
Squid 11
Cuttlefish 1

Heading north now into the red deserts of Central Australia. I am hopeful and looking forward to the next chapter and conpleting the holy trinitybaramundi!


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