We are Joe and Sharni from Perth, Western Australia. For many years we’ve dreamt about taking an extended break off work to travel around Australia. We practised for years in a Suzuki Sierra we bought off eBay for less than Sharni’s thermomix, camping up and down the south west coast of Western Australia. Slowly Joe learnt how to drive a 4WD and not get bogged every 5 minutes. Slowly Sharni built her tolerance to sleeping and toileting out in the bush. Joe also put considerable effort into improving his fishing skills so he’d be ready to put them to use around Australia. Those skills still need work.

The Sierra was a fabulous machine. Joe loved it. It was strong, cheap and great off road and so many good times were had with it. The bone jarring suspension, lack of air conditioning, extreme cabin noise levels, limited space, leaking roof, shaking steering wheel and 90km/h top speed sounded like the perfect touring vehicle for Joe. Sharni held less favourable opinions about the Sierra and so the decision was made to upgrade to a Hilux. We bought the Hilux in October 2011 and in February 2012 we left our home in Perth and embarked on an open-ended camping trip around Australia.

Current Update

Our original trip around oz was spread over about 2 years. During that time we lived in Katherine for six months, backpacked through South East Asia for four months, went to a bucks party in Jamaica, wedding in Cayman Island and road tripped through in USA for 4 months. After that we travelled back to perth and re-entered the rat race for a couple of years.

In early 2017 we decided it was time to get back on the road. That trip ended around March 2019. We’ll continue to update the blog with our travels and a summary of our travels can be viewed on the Route Map page.

If you feel so inclined leave us some feedback via comments or like our facebook page!

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  1. Dear Mrs S,
    I hope you are having a great time in the outback of Australia!! How’s your time been?
    We miss you sooooo much ALREADY! Janette is in high school now and I am well in MMCCPS, my teacher is Mrs Perry, Year 3 Orange and Janette has like heaps of teachers at Chisholm. We hope to write morrrrrreeeeee.

    Lots of Love, Edward and Janette xxx

      How are u I am in yr 5 now my class is y5p and my techer is Miss Gelle’ , she is super nice

      From Edward Nguyen 🙂

  2. hi ts me im fine im here to say that are you going to stop somwhere when your hungry or do you have your food from perth any way i have do do my homework for school and i have to eat my dinner bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!see u later Joanne

  3. Hi mrs S today you came to my classroom I was so happy and suprize.But i am so sad that you are still going well BYE!!!!!!

  4. Hi Mrs S, I hope you are having a fantastic time so far with Joe.If you can message me back that would be great,also just let me know what state you are in. Love always Adam and Gemma De Filippi xox

  5. Dear Mrs S the LEGEND,
    how far have you travelled? From Edward!!!! or one more thing I’m 8 now bye.

  6. yo mrs s just a few months ago i went to philippines and hong kong it was a great time anywaze oh AND i went to bunbury on term 2 school holidays. PS i learned how to ice skate too!
    bye i hope you had a great time LEGEND!!! 😀 ^___^

    • Hello Jamie
      It is good to hear from you. I’m sorry it has taken me so long to reply. I’m glad you had a great time in the Philippines. I will be travelling to the Philippines early next year when I go to Asia for four months. Can you recommend anywhere for me to go?

      How is the ice-skating going? Do you fall over much?

      Love Mrs S 🙂

  7. Dear Mrs S the LEGEND!
    I hope you still remeber that thing we used to call you the plus where are you right now you have travelled a long way I it would be realy kind of you if you would leave a reply and always Edward xoxo^___^ 🙂

    • Hello Edward,
      How are you? I am living in a town called Katherine in the Northern Territory and teaching Year 2s & 3s. In December I will be moving on to Queensland.
      I hope you are enjoying Year 3 Edward 🙂
      Love Mrs S

  8. Well I hope our coming back to Australia and I got 96% for my maths test and I hope you send back a message:)
    From:Edward Nguyen!

  9. Hi, do you have contact for the canopy supports? I cant see these on ebay anymore. Just when I want to buy some! Cheers!

  10. Hi Mrs S the LEGEND we just had our sport carnival today red came 1st and my faction gold came 2nd and green came 1st and 4th was blue but I am so sad we didn’t 1st because if we came 2nd or 3rd in the last relay we could have came first : (
    From Edward

  11. Hello Mrs S (THE LEGEND),

    Happy New Year and Happy Australia Day!
    I hope you are having a great time if you are still on your trip.

    Love from Adam(e) and Gemma. xox

    • Hello Gem and Adameeeee
      Thanks for the comment. Are you liking Year 4 Gem? and Adame Year 6? I’m travelling South East Asia at the moment and will be here until June. I might pop into school when I visit Perth on my way back to Brisbane.
      Say hello to your Mum for me!
      The legend xx

    • Thank you Eddie. I hope you’re enjoying Year Four. At the moment i’m in Northern Thailand. Then I will travel to Cambodia, Laos and then VIETNAM! Where is your family from? I will be visiting Perth in June and may pop in for a visit to Mary Mac.
      Love Mrs S – the legend

  12. Hey guys – looks like you two are living our dream. We havent managed to escape the daily grind of work to take off for more than a month at a time but we’re working towards it. I have often thought about doing a Dip Ed so I can do relief teaching. How have you found it picking up work? We have a blog of all of our recent travels from the last couple of years http://www.teamstozz.com

    • Hi mrs s I can’t believe your going to Vietnam I think I was going there in August or April or something? U should go to the KFC in Vietnam it’s awesome it’s so Clean inside there and do traditional I love it there and remember to be careful cause there are lots of motorbikes and most people get hurt on the roads so yeah bye! 🙂

    • Hello Adam(e) & Gemma!
      I am in Vietnam at the moment. I can’t believe you’re both in Year 4 & 6. Where has the time gone. I am coming back to Perth in June for a few months. I might come and visit 🙂

  13. Hi mrs. S, the LEGEND,
    sorry it took so looooooooong to go on the website and talk :(. But still i would recommend going to Hong Kong, you can purchase cards and scan them to get a ride on to a train and if it runs out, just go to this place where you put your card in and put REAL money in to deposit to your card, they also have double Decker buses and really cool hotels! the hotel i went to was panda hotels with a giant panda painting on the building. the tv shows are cool too but said in Cantonese, my favorite show was Tokyo Mew Mew. by the way i’m in yr 4 🙂
    until next time! Jamie ❤ 🙂

  14. Hey its me again marcus and do u know wat is weird? Ur husband joe is bald and my dads name is joe and he bald
    From marcus

  15. Dear, Mrs S THE LEGEND!!!!!!!!,

    I’m very happy to see you again after such a long time. Today I was really surprised that you came and really happy. I would wish to see more of you but sadly you have to leave. Even though I haven’t been to outside of the Singapore airport if you haven’t have go there I only now that the airport toilets are to quality and the airport it self is clean and smartly built. But if you’re sick of Asia you should try somewhere in Europe or maybe America. Anyway thank you for coming back to Mary MacKillop best teacher EVER!!!!!!!

    From, the One and Only Hugo Duy Nguyen

    P.S. Where are you going now ? and my Mum misses you.

  16. even though I haven’t been to (should have no to) outside of the Singapore airport ”if you haven’t have to go there” I dont know if you been to Singapore so that means if you havent been there go there and near the end it means top not to.sorry if it is complicated

  17. Hello Mrs S The Legend! its me Alex Huynh (Huynhiiee) 🙂 I liked the website, I make websites too 😀

  18. hi Mrs S, its Karen. Thank you for teach our class yesterday and today it was great having you as a teacher!
    Anyways me and trish is going to miss you when you go to America. So I have nothing else to say so I guess ill say good byee
    it will be great if you replied:)

  19. Hi Mrs S!!!! When will you go to Andy’s Cafe?? I’m going there to work today (Monday) and Tomorrow :). HOPE I SEE YOU THERE!!!! (Dunno if I can give you free food even tho I’m manager xD).

  20. Hey, I just came across your page from the like on the article I wrote on generationpassport. This sounds like a really sweet trip. Looking forward to reading about it. Me and a mate spent a few weeks in Oz on the west coast living out of a van! It was amazing, such a beautiful country.

    • Heya thanks for looking yeah oz is beautiful and huge. Perfect for touring around in a van or 4WD. I’m from Perth but haven’t down the west coast on this trip yet, will be the last leg of our trip on our way home. Saving the best ’til last.

  21. Hi Mrs S (THE LEGEND)
    great website.
    I hope you’ve been well and had fun on your camping and backpacking adventure!
    I’m in highschool now (year 7) and I’m starting to feel the pressure.
    Hope you have a blast on your next trip!!!!!!!!

    • Hello Hezza
      Glad you could stop by. I still can’t believe you’re in Year 7. Where has time gone? I’m having fun on this trip and enjoying not having to work. Working is overrated. I got your note back too. Make sure you visit the blog every now and again and say hello!
      Mrs S – the legend

    • Hello Jessica
      Sorry this is so late! I have only just had a chance to catch up on all the comments. Make sure you visit the blog soon and say hello.
      Mrs S the legend

    Its great seeing you at mary mac again sad you have mist out on a lot 😦 but life is never to short SOZ gtg see you again at school;)

  23. Hey again oh yeah i just got i new baby cousin he was born on the 28th of june he is called Jason -.- he is sooooo cute

  24. hey mrs s the lengend,
    you told me that you will leave to brisbane 😦 but will ou ever stop travelling and teach at mmccps for ever? 🙂

    • haha Hello Eddy!
      I will stop travelling eventually even though the world is a BIG place and there is lots of things to explore. You never know I might end up back at MMCCPS but i’m sure you will be all grown up by then. 🙂

    • Hello Jasmine
      How are you? I’m very well thank you. I’m having a great time fishing and 4wding in Northern Queensland at the moment. hope you’re enjoying school. 🙂

  25. Hi Mrs S the legend, I heard a lot of people talking about your blog. It looks like a lot of fun. From Mia Costas MMCCPS

  26. Hi Mrs S the LEGEND!,
    I hope you’re having looooooooooooots of fun! 😉
    Just to say,I reaaaaaaaaaaally miss you! 😥

  27. Hi Mrs S the LEGEND,
    I hope you’re having looooooooooooots of fun! 😉
    Just to say, I reaaaaaaaaaaally miss you! 😥

    • Well Hello there Miss Dang and Jen
      Sorry I have been out of internet reception the past couple of weeks and haven’t had a chance to reply. Thanks for visiting the blog 🙂 I can see you two have been hanging out together on the weekends…Make sure you visit the blog every now and again and say hello 🙂

  28. Hello mrs S the LEGEND! I’m right now eating Greek food (yummy!) and my sister is trying to make loukamades (Greek donuts) and I’m also eating some now 😉 😛 c u soon! Jamie ❤

  29. Hello MRS S THE LEGEND!>.> , I just dropped by to say hello and as you no i got one of the top marks for science (which is one of my worst subjects) anyway plz plz plz plz plz pweattttty pweasssse leave a reply.>_> -_- 🙂 from Edward(THE SWAGGER BOY)

  30. Hey MRS S (THE LEGEND),
    Don’t you think the year has gone very fast. Janette is in year 9 next year and i am already in year 5 ! btw i hope you are having safe and happy travels.

    From Eggy (Edward)

  31. Hi mrs S I recently just came back from my holiday in Thailand and malaysia 😄
    Happy holidays 💕 – Joanne

    • Negative we’re back in the rat race full time at the moment. Still gonna tour around WA when we can. Fixing a few things up on the Hilux at the moment. A couple of years touring around oz has left a few things requiring attention. Suspension bushes for starters.

      • We’ll hopefully do a big trip this summer. Dunno where we’ll go. I really want to do the Kimberly but not best time of year in the middle of the wet. Also central WA and the Pilbara I really want to do but middle of summer isn’t great there either. But then down south we’ve done heaps of. So not sure really.




  34. Hello Mrs S,

    I am in year 9. Time is too short and I feel so old. So, I’ll come back to visit MMCCPS. Congratulations on your baby. I hope in the future i will see you again.

    Sincerely Hugo Nguyen

  35. Hello Mrs S,

    It has been so long since I have spoken to you. I am in year 9 now. I feel so old and time goes by too quickly. I hope that i will meet you again. I will visit MMCCPS soon. Congratulations on your baby she is lucky to have a great mother. 🙂

    From Hugo Nguyen

  36. Hi Joe,

    I have very much enjoyed your articles but I especially like your scientific approach on the technical ones,
    I even posted links to your articles on forums where some idiots are blabbering on about the benefits of Chips etc,
    My question is do you have an opinion on the benefits of installing a 2nd fuel filter or a water watch device on a CRD?
    I have seen vehicles that have been disabled by bad fuel in the bush, what is the best way to avoid this?



    • Hey Steve an extra filter might help but I don’t have one for a few reasons:

      – I think the factory filter is pretty good.
      – If there were easy runs to be made with a bit more filtering I think the manufacturer would do it from the factory.
      – Water is the biggest killer and no amount of extra filtering will remove water. I haven’t seen evidence of too much particulates getting through the factory filter and causing problems. It’s always water.
      – There is already a water trap and water sensor in the factory filter housing.
      – Extra resistance to flow from the extra filter will place more load on the fuel pump which may lead it to fail prematurely.
      – Extra filters usually don’t come with a sensor to tell you the filter is blocked and needs replacing. You could get dirty fuel and be running for long periods with a blocked filter, placing high load on the fuel pump.

      Having said that, an extra filter could help extend injector life or something. Really I dunno. I just don’t think it’s worth it, especially if it wears out the fuel pump quicker. I’d consider a water alarm though, as a backup to the factory one. I’ve heard of some people who have got water in fuel and the factory system has worked perfectly. The light comes on, drain the water, repeat until system is completely clear of water. No problems. Other people blow up their fuel system. Not sure why the factory system didn’t work for them or whether they were too slow noticing and stopping the engine. But as extra protection I’d consider a backup water alarm.

      It doesn’t worry me much. I keep an eye on the filter light and I keep the receipt when I fill up but other than that I do nothing special.

  37. Hi Joe,

    Have tried a couple of times to get your thoughts on the fitting of an engine breather “catch can” to a modern common rail, diesel engine, as a means to minimise the build up of residues on the inner walls of the air inlet system.



  38. Hi Sharni & Joe! HAPPY NEW YEAR wherever you are! Would love to hear from you; what your plans are, etc. Hope you had a lovely Christmas, and presume you are still travelling. Look forward to hearing back from you.

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