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In October 2013 we had a wedding to attend in Cayman Islands, the Caribbean. Cayman Islands are almost as far away from Australia as you can possibly get. Needless to say the flights were long and expensive. Whilst in the area we thought it was prudent to take advantage of the opportunity with some extended travel through USA. We travelled for 4 months from September 2013 to January 2014.

The map illustrates our path around USA and the Caribbean, along with links to each blog post in the table below. We also have a similar page for our travels in Australia and South East Asia.

 USA outbackjoe route map


1: Geetings from Texas, USA 15: Skiing, Salt Lake City, Utah
2: Jamaica Bucks Party 16: Seattle, Washington
3A: Elvi and Kent’s Wedding, Cayman Island 17A: Vancouver, Canada
3B: Cayman Islands 17B: Skiing and Snowshoeing, Vancouver
4: New York City, New York 18: Portland, Oregon
5A: Disney World, Florida 19: Hwy 101, Pacific Coast Drive, Oregon
5B: Universal Studios, Florida 20: Redwood National Park, California
6: Cruising the Bahamas 21: Healdsburg and San Francisco
7: New Orleans, Louisiana 22: Yosemite National Park
8: Road Trip, Driving from Florida to California 23: Los Banos and Big Surr
9: Mojave Preserve, California 24A: San Diego, California
10: Death Valley National Park, California 24B: San Diego Zoo
11: Las Vegas, Nevada 25: Disneyland and Newport Beach
12: Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona 26: Los Angeles, California
13: Zion National Park, Utah 27: Honolulu, Hawaii
14: Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

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